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Dr. Eric Lambert, DC and Maggie Zick, LMT

Specializing in Soft Tissue Injuries and Treatment

Our goal is to help people feel better and live healthier lives. Our healthcare practice is built on trust and integrity.  We educate our patients in order to work together to prescribe the right treatment from our full-service approach to musculo-skeletal care. What makes us different is that we treat not only the joint component but we also treat the soft tissues (muscles, tendons, ligaments, and nerves) that contribute to pain and injuries.  In our office we specialize in finding and fixing adhesion.

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I highly recommend Discover Soft Tissue & Spine. I first started seeing them when I was experiencing back pain and not getting relief through regular physical therapy. My back is now so much better, plus they have also treated my shoulders and feet with very good results. The staff is excellent -- very proficient and good listeners. Five stars!

Gloria B. -  Ada MI


I have been struggling with neck and shoulder pain and headaches for many years , have been to rounds of physical therapy , and different chiropractic offices to try to get relief from this pain. all these things would help for a period of time but it was never getting down to the source of the problem until I started seeing Dr. Lambert. within the first few visit I was seeing a huge change , no more headaches daily :) , relief of the tightness in my neck and shoulders , a whole new world opened up, I feel that my energy levels even changed. Dr. Lambert and his staff are wonderful , easy to schedule , easy to ask questions and be involved in my care. Can not say enough good things about what Dr. Lambert and his staff.

Erin V. – Grand Rapids, MI

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  • "Soft Tissue Work and Chiropractor Works! Besides professional service and friendliness, the soft tissue has been a blessing. It is a mix of PT and Chiro. I no longer have the headaches I had and he is helping my hip!"
    Patty / Grand Rapids, MI

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