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Soft Tissue Treatment

Soft Tissue Treatment

Our office is not your typical chiropractic office in that we treat not only the joint component of injuries, but we also treat the soft tissues, scar tissue, and adhesions in the soft tissues that contribute to pain a lot of the time.

Although bones can sometimes be misaligned or even fractured, the most commonly injured structures are the soft tissues (muscles, tendons, and ligaments). Tendons attach muscles to bones, and ligaments attach one bone to another.  When these injuries happen, the bodies natural way to deal with soft tissue injuries is to lay down scar tissue (adhesion) and adhere soft tissue structures together thus creating more load for other structures. This creates more dysfunction, injury, weakness and scar tissue to form until the body has no other structures to load and starts to produce pain.

We treat a wide variety of pain, including types that are not listed in this area of our website.  If you can’t find any information related to your pain on our website, please contact our office by clicking the link below.  Scar tissue can form in muscles without injury and can cause pain in many different areas.

Dr. Lambert has been certified in soft tissue techniques such as Integrative Diagnosis and Active Release Techniques (ART) Soft Tissue Treatment for over 20 years. He utilizes his knowledge in soft tissue treatment to treat soft tissue injuries, including muscles, tendons, ligaments and even nerve entrapment.  He is also one of the only doctors specializing in soft tissue treatment and biomechanical assessment in Michigan.


In 2012 Dr. Lambert started his certification with Integrative Diagnosis (ID) and has progressed to Level 5 (full body) certification in the ID system of the diagnosis and treatment of adhesion. Integrative Diagnosis is a complete system for diagnosis and conservative treatment of muscle, nerve and joint problems.   Once the diagnosis is made,we choose the best non-invasive treatment to remove scar tissue, either Manual Adhesion Release (MAR) and/or Instrument Adhesion Release (IAR)

Maggie Zick, LMT has been a massage therapist since 2009.  She started her certification in with ID in spring of 2016 and has progressed to level 5 (full body) certification.  This has enabled her to provide even better clinical excellence to our patients and address more specific soft tissue injuries like Dr. Lambert.

Integrative Diagnosis revolutionized the treatment of soft tissue conditions.  Our office uses these soft tissue techniques to localize and remove scar tissue. The treatment is done exclusively with the provider’s hands or the Instrument Adhesion Release tool.

Running Injury Treatment

Participation in sports or exercise is an important step in maintaining your health. Exercise strengthens your heart, bones, and joints and reduces stress, among many other benefits. Unfortunately, injuries during participation in sports (such as running) are all too common.

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