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What is causing tight muscles?

What is causing tight muscles?

When did you become so “tight” that you couldn’t touch your toes or stretch properly?

What is causing tight muscles? We are often told by our patients that “I’ve always been tight” or “I just can’t seem to stretch enough to get loose”.

There are two common reasons for tight muscles to normally occur. The majority of people out there were not born with tight muscles, it occurred over time. Healthy muscle will respond and get better over time with yoga and specific mobility stretching. If the tight muscles don't change over time there is a reason for it.

The first and most common reason is from soft tissue adhesions in the muscles. This causes decreased flexibility, weakness, and over time will cause pain. It may feel better temporarily with mobility work and general soft tissue treatment, but doesn't get better beyond the temporary relief. Adhesion will continue to worsen unless identified and fixed by an expert.

The second cause of tight muscles is protective tension. An example of protective tension is when a muscle is always tight around a joint that has damage. Disc and cartilage injuries are prime examples. The lower back and hamstrings will feel very tight if a disc injury is present. Temporary relief can often be found, but the tightness always come back and eventually worsen until the underlying injury is addressed.

Another example of protective tension in muscles is when the body is overtrained and/or not properly recovering. When muscles are trained they sustain microtraumas within the tissue. Strength and endurance happens when you recover from the workout. If the muscles are constantly tight from week to week it's the brain saying the muscles need to recover and adapt. If they don't, adhesion will build up making the muscles less flexible and weaker.

Adhesion is often misdiagnosed and not treated effectively. Our office specializes in finding and fixing adhesion. We help patients every day that have failed with other treatments.

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