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What are a couple of the most common causes for knee pain?

What are a couple of the most common causes for knee pain?

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 1) Bad tissue in the quads: This one is very common as we become quad dominant and overuse these muscles. When this happens you develop a lot of adhesion in the muscle, which makes it weaker and less flexible. Over time the muscles can't support the knee and the knee cartilage gets really beat up.

2) The articular capsule of the knee, more commonly just called the knee capsule. This structure is one that tends to get really “junked” up with what is called adhesion when the knee doesn't get proper support from the hamstrings and quads.

The adhesion forms from overuse, this makes the capsule less flexible and weaker to be able to withstand the forces that the knee encounters everyday.

The capsule is really important to help support the deep structures in the knee, especially the tendons and cartilage. When the capsule has adhesion it causes more force to have to be distributed to the cartilage and tendon. When this happens things break down quicker, when things break down quicker you end up getting early degeneration of the knee.

Degeneration is a big deal, because it is progressive and doesn't go away.

Luckily adhesion is completely reversible with expert treatment. Some of the best doctors in the world are trained in the Integrative Diagnosis system and excel in diagnosing and treating adhesion.

Don’t wait until things get so bad and surgery is your only option.

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