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  • What if's of life
    The What If's Of Life...I've talked to a lot of our patients lately about the "if's" of life. Yep, I know it's hard, I'm trying to make positive changes for Read more
  • Why do your legs feel "Tight"...
    Do your legs feel "TIGHT"...Do you feel a stretch in your lower legs when you bend forward from a standing position?  As you can see in the pictures below there Read more
  • Five must have movements for running pain free!
    Must Have Movements For Running Pain Free!Let’s face the facts.  Runners are one of the most injured group of athletes.  Some studies suggest, as much as 70% of runners this Read more
  • Causes of Most Musculoskeletal Injury
    What causes most musculoskeletal pain…To find out, we have to break down load vs capacity for you.LoadLoad is how much force goes through a body part.Load includes three parts:Intensity – Read more
  • The healthcare puzzle
    Musculo-skeletal healthcare can be like a puzzle to people.  Let us help you solve the puzzle in 2017!With the Integrative Diagnosis (ID) system, our office uses functional testing to determine Read more