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  • Goodbye to 2016 Hello 2017
    Goodbye to 2016… Hello 20172016 was a HUGE learning year for Dr. Lambert.  In 2016 Dr. Lambert spent a lot of money, time and effort on continuing his education of Read more
  • Not a construction company
    These are the tools that you may have seen Dr. Lambert and Maggie use more often lately here in the office.   And no we are not building a house Read more
  • Vacation time and Arizona Pictures
    I believe that everyone needs a vacation.  However, it's difficult to take many vacations as a small business owner, especially if you're the only doctor in your practice.  I do Read more
  • Adjustment, Soft Tissue, or Both...
    Is it an adjustment, soft tissue treatment, or a combination of both, what works best?So what is the difference between a chiropractic adjustment (manipulation) and the soft tissue work we Read more
  • Body Function Month/Year...
    Body Function Month…Has anyone noticed that there seems to be a day and month for everything now.  Everyone has to have their month or day, charities, holidays, etc.  This month Read more