Manual Adhesion Release (MAR)

What is Manual Adhesion Release (MAR)?

If you have been alive for more than 15 years, you most likely have adhesion. Adhesion (scar tissue) is possibly the most common musculo-skeletal pathology in existence. Muscles and surrounding soft tissues develop adhesion which acts like glue by sticking these structures together. Adhesion will form secondarily to inflammation and hypoxia.

Generating tension directly on adhesion is the most effective way to reduce and eliminate it. MAR is one of the most accurate methods of eliminating soft tissue adhesion.

The concept behind MAR is very simple. However, the application requires considerable knowledge and skill. At Discover Soft Tissue and Spine, we offer the very best methods to diagnose and treat soft tissue dysfunction and adhesion. In fact, Dr. Lambert and Maggie continue to practice and train every yearwith some of the best musculo-skeletal providers from around the world to further develop their skills.

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